Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Bono...

Good day to you. 
I note that you are one of many possible contact points for Bono.
I realise one does not just 'write to Bono'...only children do that. 
I am 48 years old.
It's a bit like writing to the President.
However...these are desperate times; and suddenly- things I would not ordinarily do at any other time- do not seem so absurd.  
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Who cares as much as Bono?  Probably many people.
Who has the resources, power, and commitment to humanity to save the planet?
Who better than Bono.   
I shall try to keep this short, because I don't think we have much time left. 
Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Helen Caldicott, noted physician and activist against nuclear energy, is on record as saying Fukushima is a 'global crises unfolding.'
A disturbing number of people in the street think the reactor disaster is over. 
Far from it. 
I will not condescend to tutor Bono and his team in the potential ongoing dangers of the Fukushima meltdown. 
Of course you know what is going on.
So I will cut directly to the chase. 
this is NOT Japan's problem. 
It is OUR problem.  

Frankly...the Japanese have NO idea what to do about it.  

Tepco have admitted as much, as recently as last week almost pleading...'if you can think of anything else, we would love to hear it.' 
Hardly words to inspire much confidence.
Can ANYONE do anything?
Who can say.  
But I'm not keen on the idea of sitting plucking nose-hairs as I watch the disaster unfold on my television.   

The Japanese have a saying; 'O kinodoku sama de gozaimasu.'  Essentially- it means 'I am sorry for the poison on your soul'.

I am truly sorry for the poison not only on our soul...but in our food and water. 

& the poisoning of our children's future.

 to do NOTHING would be a poison on OUR soul...

I propose a rock and roll concert in aid of Fukushima. 

I have no idea how one organises one of these things;  I'm no Bob Geldof.  

I'm not even a rock and roller.  

I'm an ordinary Australian man.   
But I LOVE live music.  

And I want to LIVE to continue to enjoy it.  

And pass the gift of rock and roll on to subsequent generations.  

What better way to lend a hand??

Who's in?? 
My very best wishes to you and my thanks for all your good work.
John Warwick Arden 

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