Sunday, July 14, 2013

福島 ロックンロール Rokkunrōru "A Rock Concert in Aid of Fukushima'


Let's face it; Fukushima is, as Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Helen Caldicott described it, a global disaster unfolding.  

I believe the problem can be understood in these terms; the radioactive meltdown has been contained by cooling the reactor rods.  This is fine...but the water used to keep the rods cool has to go somewhere; and the storage capacity is limited.

This contaminated water is also currently seeping into the ground around the site- & even more importantly, is being dumped into the Pacific ocean.

My understanding is that already, significant spikes in radiation contamination have been detected in Tuna over the last two years; this is being noticed in the food supply in California, for example. 

A new study by the Radiation and Public Health Project found that babies born in the western United States as well as other Pacific countries shortly after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in March 2011 may be at greater risk for congenital hypothyroidism.

In other words- this is NOT Japan's problem. 

It is OUR problem.  

Frankly...the Japanese have NO idea what to do about it.  

And neither, it would seem, does anyone else.  But I'm not keen on the idea of sitting plucking nose-hairs as I watch the disaster unfold on my television.   

The Japanese have a saying; 'O kinodoku sama de gozaimasu.'  Essentially- it means 'I am sorry for the poison on your soul'.

I am truly sorry for the poison not only on our soul...but in our food and water. 

& the poisoning of our children's future.

& to do NOTHING would be a poison on OUR soul...

I propose a rock and roll concert in aid of Fukushima. 

I have no idea how one organises one of these things;  I'm no Bob Geldof.  

I'm not even a rock and roller.  

But I LOVE live music.  

And I want to LIVE to continue to enjoy it.  

And pass the gift of rock and roll on to subsequent generations.  

What better way to lend a hand??

Who's in?? 

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